Culture. Fashion. Community.

Established to serve as the foundational space and experience for young, growing and curious consumers to uncover and expand their passion for sneakers, streetwear and fashion, Social Status sits at the intersection of consumer and community engagement with a mandate to serve as a pivotal and guiding light in every city. By offering an assortment of the world’s most established and celebrated streetwear brands, alongside burgeoning, culture-shaping new labels, every one of our spaces reflects the needs and tastes of the local community and consumer.

Local Style, Global Impact.

Each one of our Social Status spaces is a window into the needs and wants of our local consumer. A gathering space for like-minded, passionate, and style-minded consumers, our locations also mirror the community’s aspirations and demands. Exploration through global brands is expressed with a touch and flair rooted in the local experience. From BAPE, Off White, Comme Des Garçons, and Kenzo through Neighborhood, Stone Island, Awake and Stussy, our consumer embraces each unique brand’s touch, the opportunity to wear it their own way and in turn, inspire the world beyond their community.

Where Purpose Meets Passion.

In understanding the impact our spaces have in the underserved communities we choose to be a part of and build our presence, Social Status inevitably serves a purpose-driven mandate by being a gathering space where idea meets action. With beSocial spaces attached to many of our Social Status locations, we take on the responsibility of offering our consumers and audience more than product to fuel their passion but the tools, access and resources to unearth and inspire their purpose. It is our commitment that every door will be pillar in its city, neighborhood and community as we continue to look at our current locations and beyond.

"A gathering space for like-minded, passionate, and style-minded consumers..."