Color Code

Monthly product collaborative program with Black and minority designers, creators and creatives, bringing you unique collections, perspectives and stories.


For this special and unique capsule, Brownstone developed a collegiate-themed four-piece capsule constructed on timeless Champion garments. This unique collection brings an unparalleled design edge to daily closet essentials, as designers Warner and Waverly of Brownstone were fuelled by Oskar Schlemmer’s Das Triadisches Ballett (1922) and the Bauhaus legacy. The entire collection is depicted as artistic metaphysical mathematics – dorned on the pieces are geometric shapes and figurines which explore the human form and movements in unique and trippy ways. They also play with modern themes of industrialization and the relationship between humans and machinery. The COLOR CODE capsule collection is executed on Champion pieces and consists of a Reverse Weave Hoodie, Sweat Uniform as well as a Short Sleeve T-shirt featuring drawings of the costumes and co-branded hits.

Exchange Program

Exchange Program was created by Terry Cho, in the heart of New York City driven from personal passions and challenges. From previous experience in retail and interest in Muay Thai, Cho wanted to focus on bridging his two worlds with a brand that welcomed both his friends and fashion interest. Exchange Program has since then evolved into apparel and accessories with various symbolic messages of fitting in and belonging, no matter the space.

The Social Status x Exchange Program capsule collection features an array of clothing that all carry a simple but strong circular logo that holds true to the brand. Black and white t-shirts feature a multi-colored logo in the center of the chest while the all-black shorts feature a colorful “EXCHANGE”, fitting to a literal COLOR CODE theme. The choice of multiple colors is meant to represent unity, diversity and the diverging of cultures that form the connection between brands. The hats, with a semi-circle logo, are just one of the examples of how the brand thrives off combining minimalism and individuality.

Learning to coexist with one another is the true goal of Exchange Program. Exchanging culture on a ground level and learning how to love one another is the beauty of the brand.

Eastside Golf

Exemplified by the journeys of founders, finding your footing in the world of golf and embracing your differences is a powerful way to unlock your social status. Through mentorship, you can open the doors to the sport to countless others and make them feel like they belong.

We asked our model for this editorial, Maurice Crowe, who is a golf coach and volunteer, what it meant to him to have authentic representation targeted towards his community within such a formal sport.

“To me it means a lot. At times It can be difficult to attract our younger generation to a sport that they see few of us play.

I think Eastside is doing a great job at being that bridge to connect our communities to a game that teaches you way more than how to hit a ball in a hole.

The values that can be taught while learning this game are greater than any accolades you can receive on, or off the course.”

-Maurice Crowe

Everyone Pays

The collaborative capsule collection takes inspiration from Everyone Pays’ dedication to the dignity and fair remuneration of the creative class through the lens of collegiate sports. Highlighted by a t-shirt and sweatshirt assortment featuring subtle Social Status branding, the Everyone Pays varsity logo is featured in classic collegiate colors from our key cities. The capsule collection is executed on Champion reverse weave pieces and is available exclusively on Social Status.


“I am a product of my environment. It’s etched into the fabric of my being.”

As the first inaugural collection of the Color Code program, a collaborative product program designed to provide Black and minority brands and creators a platform to create alongside the Whitaker Group brands, the capsule collection between Social Status and Oregon-based brand CRCL of WNNRS, named “Product Of My Environment”, delivers an assortment of unique and exclusive co-branded t-shirts and hoodie.

With the important message of always being proud of where you come from, the collection is accompanied by an editorial and powerful video relaying the capsule’s narrative. Taking inspiration from CRCL OF WNNRS founder Garren Strong, the collection speaks to his upbringing, journey and path choosing sports to overcome the pressures of outside influences growing up in San Jose, CA.

The Social Status x CRCL OF WNNRS exclusive capsule collection is now available online and in-store at Social Status boutiques, and stay connected to our channels for more upcoming monthly releases from Color Code.