Firmly setting the tone for our evolving ecosystem. JAIDE is our dedicated and standalone Women's immersive consumer experience offering. Rooted in a deep connection to her demands for experiential spaces and concepts reflective of the full breadth of her life's desires and aspirations, we are delivering a novel approach to engagement beyond interaction. A sensory approach to experience design, a world-leading brand matrix of iconic houses and culturally-impactful favorites, alongside innovative community engagement programs establish JAIDE as the finest expression of our commitment to serving humanity with purpose, intention and passion.


Understanding her ever-changing needs and tastes while remaining committed to offering her the staples of her unique aesthetic, JAIDE aims to serve self-expression through a blend of the world's best brands and the ones she cherishes the most from a personal and local connection. As she infuses and inspires our brand matrix through her influences from exploration and discovery through social and cultural exchange, our assortment will reflect the elevated palette of her future-forward ambition, taste and desires.


Anchoring our service mandate in the needs, wants and aspirations of her life and ecosystem, our commitment to novel and innovative experiences will distinctly set apart her interactions with our space and offerings. Through the Atelier impact and action platform, as well as world-leading community experiences and immersive activations, we will continue to set the pace of human connection and engagement. Accessibility and inclusivity to both our space and programs will remain the priority as we ensure she is actively contributing to our world, as we look to play an integral part in hers.

"...we are intimately connected to every one of our consumer’s journey to unlocking their unique style..."