Impact With Dignity, Honor and Respect

Handle With Care, the social outreach mindset of A Ma Maniére, is focused on the ethos of outreach, care, impact and support of people and communities with dignity, honor and respect. Actively engaged in all our cities, we build and power relationships in the community to create programming, events and activations that not only create into new opportunities, but help us unlock one’s unlimited potential.

Local Impact, Global Vision

With a particular emphasis on events, activations and programs with a window on issues with a both a local and global scale, we harness the very best of thought leaders and change agents to deliver on a stimulating programming geared to challenge conventional thought. Where we are able to have global issues put in perspective with a grounded and grassroots connection, we are able to effectively connect both purpose and action to empower each and every person to harness their very best to ply to the service of their neighbor, city, and the globe.

Discovery, Exploration and Opportunity.

The commitment to building pathways to empowerment and sustainable change in our communities is forged on passion and drive of our teams in all our cities. With every A Ma Maniére space and experience comes a specific, hyperlocal focus on addressing the issues of the city and community itself. Always focused on building solutions and understanding how we to change agents in our environment, every member of our teams is engaged on a daily basis in our cities through programs and outreach, as change and impact only happen through consistency.

"At the everyday service of our community with honor, dignity and respect"